When you attend for your first appointment you will be met and assessed by your orthodontist. We have two types of assessment called early and full. An early assessment involves a clinical examination, an X-ray if needed and a discussion. These are carried out for younger patients who don’t have all their adult teeth and involves advising parents as to when treatent could ideally be started and what is likely to be involved.

A full assessment is carried out for adolescent and adult patients who are ready to start treatment. Any necessary X-rays are taken (usually one) along with clinical photographs. A full diagnosis will be made and treatment options discussed. Information on costs and methods of payment will be provided.

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  • Dr. Dónal Maculey

    Dr. Dónal Macauley

        20 years experience

    Dónal has worked at the HSE Regional Orthodontic Unit at the Louth County Hospital for the last eight years….