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Case Study 1

LM had eye teeth that were displaced and positioned highly. It was necessary to remove two teeth and the canines were brought into position using fixed appliances.

Case Study 3

PL had trauma to an incisor when younger and the tooth had become fused with the bone as a result. The tooth had to be removed and space was opened for a replacement incisor. We liaised with PL’s Dentist who replaced the incisor with a bridge at the end of treatment.

All New Equipment 2016


I’m going wireless with Invisalign

Case Study 2

AA was missing two upper teeth and had a large gap between the upper central teeth as a result. The upper front teeth were behind the lower teeth when the teeth met. A fixed brace was used to bring the upper teeth across the bite and close the space. A bonded retainer was used to keep the gap closed.

Case Study 4

AN had severe crowding with blocked out lateral incisors and a reduced overbite. The upper arch of teeth were expanded and aligned using a fixed appliance.

Case Study 5

DM had prominent front teeth as a result of a small lower jaw. A functional brace was used to grow the lower jaw forwards and then a fixed brace was used to close the spaces.